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APEX Mining

We are a Philippines-based gold mining company and our main project is Maco Mine in the island of Mindanao. Maco was formerly known as “Masara” but the name change was effected in recognition of the entire municipality where mining occurs rather than one particular village near the mine.

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Artisanal & Small-Scale Gold Mining

Monitoring, Assessment, and Profiling of Artisanal and Small- scale Gold Mining (ASGM) towards Sustainable Livelihood through Science-Based Interventions and Technologies  in Key Areas of Mindanao, Philippines

The project will focus on the profiling of the ASGM and technology transfer directed to the advancement and legitimized operation of the sub-sector as a means of sustainable livelihood in selected areas in Mindanao, Philippines. This includes three component studies with general objectives to:

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Assessment of Aquatic Biodiversity in Selected Mining Environs in Mindanao

The project is a three-year undertaking involving three SUCs in Caraga—Caraga State University (CSU), Surigao Del Sur State University (SDSSU) and Surigao State College of Technology (SSCT) with CSU as the lead institution. The project is part of the S&T Program for Responsible Mining in Mindanao. This project will assess the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems in key mining environs in Mindanao and will specifically cover several key mining areas in Caraga Region.

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Carrascal Nickel Corporation Company

Mining that makes a difference. This is what is in the heart of everything we do: from adopting, adhering and even going beyond international best practices in mining, to active empowerment of our personnel, to helping create sustainable livelihood opportunities for our partner communities and to the rehabilitation of mining areas, we always seek to live out our mantra.


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IS for Responsible Mining

The Information System for Responsible Mining (IS4RM) is a comprehensive project management system tailored and customized to the S&T Program for Responsible Mining. The system of composed of 4 major components: the Profile Management, Flora and Fauna Inventory, Map-based Knowledge Management and Monitoring Dashboard for responsible mining. The detailed description and specification of the system will be discussed in the next section. IS4RM is a collaborative project S&T Program for Responsible Mining and CSU-ICT Center.

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Platinum Group Metals Corporation

Operating for only six years,  Platinum Group Metals Corporation or PGMC has already achieved results beyond expectations. We are considered as one of the country’s flagship projects and was granted pioneer status by the Philippine Board of Investments for locating its operation in a Less Developed Area (LDA)

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