IS for Responsible Mining

The Information System for Responsible Mining (IS4RM) is a comprehensive project management system tailored and customized to the S&T Program for Responsible Mining. The system of composed of 4 major components: the Profile Management, Flora and Fauna Inventory, Map-based Knowledge Management and Monitoring Dashboard for responsible mining. The detailed description and specification of the system will be discussed in the next section. IS4RM is a collaborative project S&T Program for Responsible Mining and CSU-ICT Center. The system will be fully customize and manage by ICT Center of Caraga State University from its conceptualization to deployment. This project will strengthen the advocacy of empowering local talent within the government agency to provide quality services in government projects

It is an online software package that provides efficiency in monitoring the outcome and progress of the project in Mindanao. The system can provide updated information to the oversight agency, funding institution and project in-charge on the actual deployment and implementation of the project.

IS4RM  Features


            IS4RM is built in the concept of simplicity and cost efficient. It consists of features blended to the project personnel mobility. It provides modularity that can be accessible using various devices such as smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. These are the following salient features of the system:    

  •  Simplified – IS4RM is design using minimalistic approach. Screen is not populated with unnecessary buttons and icons.
  • Fully-Customizable – IS4RM is customized to the needs of each program components. This includes report generation, workflow, processes and layout.
  • Extensible – IS4RM can be extended to other economic critical office of the city with financial transactions situated far from the city hall.
  • Low Total Cost Ownership – IS4RM is built using enterprised-grade FOSS. The cost is much lower than other service provider.
  • User Friendly – Role-based functionality and interface is deployed for easy navigation and processing. It supports various devices in the market.
  • Secured – Access control is assign to each user for authentication, authorization and accountability.
  • Accessible – the system is built using web technology that can be accessible anytime anywhere.