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Mining Waste No More! An Alternative Technology Developed to Promote Responsible Mining

Published: 19 August 2015

Large volumes of waste are produced at mining operations. This includes tailings, waste rocks, slags, mine water and gaseous wastes. Inappropriate management of wastes at mining operations can have environmental impact local communities and will contribute to the negative public perception of the mining industry.

To reduce the mining waste generated from mining, particularly the tailings, an alternative technology was developed to remediate mine tailings....

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Mining Stakeholders Forum Commits to Ensuring Responsible Mining in Mindanao

Published: 7 August 2015


“Responsible Mining is a process and everybody must understand that in every process we are guided by the proverbial ‘no pain no gain’ maxim… ultimately we can see that responsible mining is possible to achieve if we care enough”— Dr. Rowena P. Varela, Program Leader of S&T Program for Responsible Mining in Mindanao.


The recently held Mindanao Mining Stakeholders Forum, which took place on July 14-15 at ButuanCity, was spearheaded by the Caraga State University (CSU) and the Philippine Council for I...

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R&D Veep Shares Caraga Mine Rehab Experience in Australia

Published: 6 May 2015

Dr. Rowena P. Varela, VP for Research and Extension, was invited by the International Mining for Development Center (IM4DC) to serve as panelist during the M4D Alumni Forum and Conference 2015 in Perth, Australia.  The conference theme is, Shared Goals – Realizing Benefits which anchors on sub-themes: Engage, Develop, Empower and Influence.  She leads the Nickel Mine Rehabilitation Project in partnership with nickel mining companies in Caraga Region.  She shared her and ...

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Responsible Mining Researchers Learn More Lessons from Australia

Published: 5 May 2015

The Responsible Mining Program researchers get lessons from Australia through the program of the International Mining for Development Center (IM4DC) under the auspices of AusAid.  The short courses offered by IM4DC allowed researchers to learn technologies and/or gather new information in promoting responsible mining for sustainable development.  Caraga Region is the ‘Hottest Mining Destination’ in the Philippines, thus as a state university, CSU has the obligation to educate the min...

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Responsible Mining S&T Program Gets PhP 89M from DOST-PCIEERD

Published: 13 February 2015

DOST-PCIEERD allocated PhP89M for the 3-year implementation of the S&T Program for Responsible Mining in Mindanao (STP4RM).  Recently, the R&D Program received a total amount of P 12,561,455.40 for the final year implementation.

The program gets the nod of the PCIEERD Governing Council (GC) during the evaluation on December 4, 2014. Dr. Rowena P. Varela, Program Leader, presented the major accomplishments of the 8 project components for Year 2.  The GC representatives pointed areas that need improvement as to delivering the final outputs. Nonethele...

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