Responsible Mining S&T Program Gets PhP 89M from DOST-PCIEERD

DOST-PCIEERD allocated PhP89M for the 3-year implementation of the S&T Program for Responsible Mining in Mindanao (STP4RM).  Recently, the R&D Program received a total amount of P 12,561,455.40 for the final year implementation.

The program gets the nod of the PCIEERD Governing Council (GC) during the evaluation on December 4, 2014. Dr. Rowena P. Varela, Program Leader, presented the major accomplishments of the 8 project components for Year 2.  The GC representatives pointed areas that need improvement as to delivering the final outputs. Nonetheless, they commended the overall efforts of the project teams for involving small scale miners in a forum and partnering large scale mining companies in the rehabilitation of mined out areas. Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, PCIEERD Executive Director also emphasized on how the team could popularize the outputs of the R&D Program. Likewise, the GC recommended considering creative techniques of publicizing valuable information.

This 2015, project teams will be in full force in carrying out the final year of its implementation. One of the major activities of the program will be the website launching ( on March 2015. The website will showcase updated information about the progress and recent accomplishments of the projects. Rehabilitation practices of big mining companies and inventory of species found inside and outside mining areas will also be integrated in this site. Other pertinent activity this year is the upcoming Stakeholders Mining Forum and site visit of PCIEERD Technical Panel to Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) on April 2015.

As the program ends this year, it is expected to address the overall expected outputs: (1) Compendium of Basic Information on ASGM, Species Composition, Ecosystem Interconnectivity, Biodiversity Threats, Impacts to Agriculture and Fishery, Contamination Pathway and Pollution Management (2) Database of Appropriate Technologies for: Progressive Rehabilitation for Nickel Mined Out Areas, Value-adding Technologies (3) Decision-Support Systems (DSS) such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Support to Responsible Mining and Forecasting Models for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration (4) Relevant and appropriate policies and (5) Database on the Socio-Economic Aspects of Mining for Decision-Support and Policy Formulation.

The S&T Program for Responsible Mining in Mindanao (STP4RM) is one of the biggest engagements of the Philippine Government supporting the implementation of Responsible Mining by 7 SUCs in Caraga, Northern Mindanao and SOCKSARGEN. This year’s financial grant provided by DOST-PCIEERD will cover the period January 2015-August 2015.