Responsible Mining Researchers Learn More Lessons from Australia

The Responsible Mining Program researchers get lessons from Australia through the program of the International Mining for Development Center (IM4DC) under the auspices of AusAid.  The short courses offered by IM4DC allowed researchers to learn technologies and/or gather new information in promoting responsible mining for sustainable development.  Caraga Region is the ‘Hottest Mining Destination’ in the Philippines, thus as a state university, CSU has the obligation to educate the mining sector on how mineral resources be managed responsibly considering that when it’s gone, it’s gone forever…


The capacity-building of the research personnel under IM4DC dates back to 2013 when the Vice President for Research & Extension Rowena P. Varela, who happens to be the Project Leader of the Nickel Mine Rehabilitation Project, attended the Round Table Meeting on Mining in the Philippines hosted by UP-Diliman, MSU-IIT and USEP.  From then on, invitations from IM4DC to their capability enhancement program in managing mineral resources responsibly continued which brought Dr Varela to the University of Queensland (UQ) at Brisbane, Australia to study ‘Environmental Management in Mining’ in February 2014. She visited mining sites in Emerald and Rockhampton in Central Queensland that provided her insights on how mine rehabilitation should be done.



  Dr Raquel Balanay, Project Leader of the Socioeconomics Dimension of Mining in Caraga   Region, also attended the short course on ‘Mineral Policy and Economics’ at the    University of Western Australia in Perth, Western Australia in July-August 2014. While on  training, she visited the mining sites in the outback of Kargoorlie, Western Australia to  learn how mining policies are implemented and the resulting economy developed through  mining.             




Dr Rolyn C. Daguil, Project Leader of the ICT for Responsible Mining, attended the ‘Regional Development Short Course’ as IM4DC Fellow in Manila. The course involved lectures and field trips to Baguio City to have a first-hand experienceon how mining can effect regional development and what needs to be done to  realize inclusive growth in the region with mining. The course lasted for 3 weeks (March 3-17, 2015) at the Microtel Windsor Hotel, UP Technohub, Diliman, Quezon City. Experts from the University of Western Australia travelled to the Philippines to conduct the training and share important lessons.






 Dr Romell A. Seronay, Lead Researcher in Biodiversity Assessment in Marine Ecosystem  Adjacent to Mining Companies, was in the Sustainable Minerals Institute   at the University  of Queensland in Brisbane to participate in the ‘Environmental Management in Mining  Short Course’. This happened in Mar 3-27, 2015 which  includes lectures and hands-on  activities during the field trip to New South Wales  mining sites.






Dr Anthony M. Penaso, the President, is likewise participating in the ‘Short Course in Mining Policy and Economics’ at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth. The course runs from April 20-May 15, 2015 which tackles issues in mining, policies and the associated economic implications. His participation in the IM4DC program can boost the university’s Responsible Mining R&D Program as outputs of the research will need to be lobbied for integration in policy reforms and/or policy formulation. His engagement is supported by a fellowship from IM4DC/AusAid.


The CSU Responsible Mining Research Team believes that Responsible Mining is possible…if WE care enough.