Artisanal & Small-Scale Gold Mining

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Monitoring, Assessment, and Profiling of Artisanal and Small- scale Gold Mining (ASGM) towards Sustainable Livelihood through Science-Based Interventions and Technologies  in Key Areas of Mindanao, Philippines

The project will focus on the profiling of the ASGM and technology transfer directed to the advancement and legitimized operation of the sub-sector as a means of sustainable livelihood in selected areas in Mindanao, Philippines. This includes three component studies with general objectives to:

  1. obtain baseline information on ASGM that is comprehensive and accurate by providing a detailed overview of its technical and legal aspects,
  2. formulate intervention, policies and programs (IPP) essential in the transformation of the ASGM sub-sector attuned to the stringent implementation of the Philippine Mining Act and other relevant regulations, and
  3. transfer of advanced mining technology appropriate to the area surveyed as part of the Consortium’s advocacy on Responsible Mining with a cleaner production and environment friendly practices.

Specifically, the component studies aim:

  • To obtain baseline information of ASGM in the context of responsible mining in Mindanao,
  • To develop strategy and conduct massive information, education and communication campaign to the ASGM communities
  • To develop technological skills among ASG miners through capacity building, technology transfer, and appropriate technical assistance in the area surveyed based on Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

This project will be implemented through a combination of desk, field, and laboratory work. Deskwork will deal on the secondary data to be collated. Field survey will be done in order to gather primary data needed in the project.  Laboratory work is essential to quantify, validate and assess operational practices of ASGM in Mindanao. Generally, this will involve a quantitative-qualitative approach.


For Objective 1, activities are as follows:

  • Project preparations and secondary data compilation
  • Focus groups
  • Reconnaissance and Community transect walk
  • Primary data collection and areas to Visit
  • Material sampling and assaying
  • Interviews & Interviewees
  • Documents to be viewed  (if any)
  • Impacts and Needs Inventory
  • Intervention evaluation
  • information Dissemination

For Objective 2, activities are as follows:

  • IPP Design
  • R and D inception
  • Mini-compendium of best and relevant practices
  • IEC Initiatives
  • Database of resources

For Objective 3, activities are as follows:

  • Capacity Building
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technical assistance to miners