Mission, Vision and Values

Rapid growth of resources assured
Exploration activities are conducted continuously and ore reserves are closely monitored.

All risk identified and being managed
To provide safe workplace for the employees, regular inspection is done within the tenement and identified potential hazards are being addressed and remedied.

An outstanding AMCI mining image maintained

AMCI wants to maintain its image in a way that it ensures to employ high caliber employees who will work productively to meet the corporate vision.

Five star systems supporting

Our goal is to be known as a responsible mining company practicing five star systems standards.

Indigenous peoples relations sustained and maintain
The Mansakas inhabit the tenements of AMCI. We make sure that the relationship between the company and the tribe is maintained and sustained. We provide employment to their skilled men, support their undertakings, and deliver capacity building programs.

World standard safety and health practices demonstrated
We look after our employees, their health and well being, taking all possible steps to ensure they have a safe working environment and remain fit and healthy.

Outstanding external relationships sustained
We have partners coming from various group. It is our desire to have an outstanding relationship with them through proper stakeholder engagement.

Optimal production achieved
We have inherited an old and tired mine and mill and we know that there are areas of improvement. We are introducing modern mining techniques that are applicable to our ore bodies and we are improving our milling operations to meet the challenges of raising our production.

Flow of adequate fund resourced
To ensure optimal production will be achieved, we have to carefully plan and manage our financial resources.

World standard environmental practices demonstrated
The environment in which AMCI operates is a challenge. We are set out to maintain our pristine surroundings and to achieve a level of excellence in our compliance with environmental laws.

A high performance one team demonstrated
We are set out to provide the education, training, safe working conditions, safety awareness, environmental care, health programs and employment conditions to allow our employees to grow with us.

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